Secure and FlexibleMaximize the Value of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Azure is a collection of integrated enterprise cloud services - computing, storage networking, database, and analytics - providing the scalability and efficiency to let you move faster. While Azure offers an easy-to-use interface for deploying a simple server, the range of options available to configure more complex environments can be intimidating and makes those environments vulnerable to misconfiguration and poor security practices.

Layeredi's Azure Services allows you to leverage deep expertise with Microsoft Azure to automate deployments, enforce strict security policies, audit and manage, and it's fully supported 24x7.

Comprehensive Security and Support for Microsoft Azure

Improved Security
High Performance

Reduce risk

Security, privacy, and downtime are your greatest risks in the cloud. By deploying your environment with secure configurations, providing around the clock monitoring and keeping your systems patched and updated, we reduce your risk in the cloud so you can rest easy.

Improved Security

Access to expertise

With the ever changing features and services of public cloud services, you can leverage our team’s specific knowledge of running secure and high performance workloads on those platforms. We become an extension of your team and can help transform your cloud strategy.


Maximize your investment

Microsoft Azure has powerful automation features and APIs but it can be complex. Our team of experts help you attain the greatest performance, uptime, and highest levels of security for your applications to reduce costs, improve your efficiency and move faster.

Public cloud on your termsEnterprise-class services that get the most out of Microsoft Azure

Layeredi maximizes the value of Azure for our clients by combining Azure's world-class infrastructure and automation with our services, expertise and tools. From the initial design and implementation, all the way to the on-going management and support of your environment, we equip your company to get the absolute most out of your cloud investment.

From implementing constantly evolving features, to hardened security, to running hybrid environments, we provide a single, comprehensive service that makes Azure much more than a new place to put servers. Layeredi gets you cloud-enabled without any additional burden on your team. Imagine having nearly unlimited scale, powerful automation, and enforced security, all at a lower cost and without the capital investment. Now you can have it all.

24x7 Support

Our support engineers are available by phone, chat, or support ticket 24x7x365. Getting real support for your public cloud can be difficult and expensive. We’re real engineers, based in the US, and ready to troubleshoot problems in your environment.

Enhanced Security

We deploy templates that automatically provision best-practices secure network, storage, VPN, and anti-malware based on your unique requirements. We enforce those configuration through real-time monitoring bringing enterprise processes and security to your Azure environment.

Proactive Monitoring

We proactively monitor your global Azure deployement configurations to enforce network, access and other security policies. Also provided is monitoring of the vm, OS and platform components installed inside of it with options for application monitoring through New Relic.

On-going Maintenance

In addition to proactive monitoring and response, we also provide on-going patching and updating of the environment. Testing updates and applying critical security patches as they become available is key to maintaining a secure environment.

Platform Configuration

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) allows for automation of deployments on Azure. We build custom ARM templates to automate your entire environment from custom network tiers and security groups, to storage, replication and encryption keys. All providing speed and consistency.

Application Assistance

Our team has specific expertise with many popular applications and we provide assistance with deployment, securing and scaling those applications. Our team can assist you with SQL Server, IIS, Mongo DB, Redis, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Apache.