Make your database flyPredictable database performance just got easier

From Big Data to business intelligence to data-driven apps - your data has never been as valuable. Our highly available database hosting options include installation, configuration, on-going optimization, and high-performance hardware that makes your database operations fly.

Our platform can handle everything from a simple database workload to a large scale clustered implementation in a private cloud. Our experienced team handles the day-to-day of database monitoring and maintenance while responding to incidents and keeping things well-tuned - all so you can move faster.

High Performance

High Performance

We’ve fined tuned our scalable cloud infrastructure to meet the highest database performance needs. With up to 50,000 IOPS and database platform specific optimizations you can affordably get the performance you need.

Improved Security

Improved Security

From our cloud infrastructure to our network all the way down to our platform specific configurations, we’ve architected everything with security and compliance in mind. We can deliver the encryption, isolation, and monitoring you need in a cloud solution.



Our team has deep experience getting the most performance out of critical databases. By aligning fine tuned hardware with configuration optimizations and rock-solid support, we take the pain out of database management.

The trusted platform for your dataGet the security and performance you need without the hassle

Databases can be difficult and expensive yet they’re critical for most of today’s apps. Our database services put your workload on world-class hardware and give you instant access to our team of experts.

Guaranteed IOPS

Predictable performance is hard to come by in a commodity cloud environment. We only employ enterprise flash-optimized storage and your data is isolated so other workloads never impact your performance. Our systems are fine-tuned for intensive workloads.

Low-Latency Network

The connection between your application and your database should never be your bottleneck. Our low-latency private network is purpose built for dedicated high performance communication between applications.

Replication and Clustering

We provide many options for replication and clustering on many popular database platforms. Geographically diverse options are available and regardless of configuration our experts set it up and maintain it so your team can focus on other things.

Platform Monitoring

Monitoring should be more than just a ping to see if the server is up. We monitor all aspects of your server, it’s health, utilization and we even employ special tools to monitor the database itself. Our team can respond to issues before they even become a problem.

Managed Security

Every solution we deliver includes best-practices security configuration which includes IDS/IPS, 24x7 monitoring, OS and software ‘hardening’, and routine audits. We’re a team of experts you can trust and we’re here to keep your data safe.

Automatic backups

Backups can be a pain because someone has to make sure they are running and that they can even be restored. With Layeredi, your backups happen automatically and we manage the entire process.