Disaster Recovery as a ServiceFaster recovery times for always-on applications

For today’s businesses technology is indispensable. Business applications being unavailable has a direct impact your employees and customers and hurt the bottom line. Does your business continuity plan include a disaster recovery solution that can get you recovered in time? Do your most critical applications have the redundancy and availability to protect your business during a disaster?

Experience a new world of data availability with Layeredi Disaster Recovery as a Service powered by Veeam. Whether you’re on VMware or Hyper-V, our service protects your data and makes it instantly available in a secure and compliant datacenter with an ops team cover all the details. Include Layeredi in your business continuity plan and meet the most aggressive uptime requirements head-on.


Security and Compliance

Your protected data is always stored in our secure data centers that meet or exceed the compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI, SAE-16, NIST and more. Data is also encrypted in flight and at-rest.

Visibility and Control

Real-time Replication

For workloads that require the highest level of availability ready-to-use VM replica’s in our secure datacenter for continuous protection. If you run into a problem, you can switch over to our datacenter in a near instant.

Security and Privacy

High-speed Recovery

With native Hyper-V and VMware backups you can recover an application image directly from the backup. No more waiting for data transfers and server configurations. Simply restore from your local storage or your secure DR storage.

Layeredi Disaster Recovery as a Service Features

  • Flexible replication options allow you to continually replicate production data to powered down machines in your DR environment.

  • Agentless and easy to implement system that’s managed by Layeredi and requires little if any burden on your existing teams.

  • Application-consistent recovery points for critical applications like Exchange, SQL Server, and more. Recoveries can be managed by Layeredi or done via a self-service interface.

  • Pre-configured recovery environments that include private network connectivity, security, staged recovery plans all linked to continuously updated servers in your disaster recovery environment.