cloud resources on your termsThe secure cloud you can truly call your own

Private cloud from Layeredi offers all of the flexibility, orchestration and efficiency of the public cloud, with the security, visibility and high performance of your own dedicated environment. The benefits of a dedicated and secure private cloud are immense but expertise is required to run it and that can get expensive. That’s where we have you covered.

With Layeredi private cloud we provide the experts that understand cloud architecture, security, and the software platforms necessary to run a cloud environment. By relying on Layeredi for the day-to-day installs, upgrades, patching, monitoring and fortification, you can enjoy all the benefits of a private cloud without the cost and hassle.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Your single tenant-environment achieves enhanced security via isolated network, storage and compute layers. Additional security is provided via OS and platform layer hardening tools, IDS/IPS, and other security options.



Expertise in cloud architecture, security, and application operations is expensive and difficult to find. Our experienced team manages and supports your entire private cloud becoming your go-to cloud ops team.

Visibility and Control

Visibility and Control

Public cloud is easy to consume but you can’t see what’s under the hood and your control is limited to what’s exposed via a UI or API. With single tenancy you control and have visibility into every aspect of your stack.

The cloud on your termsSecurely leverage the cloud while staying protected

As a security conscious business, you need to adopt new technology and evolve but it needs to be on your terms to manage risk. Private cloud gives you the power and efficiency of the modern cloud but on your own terms.

Based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, our private cloud solution instantly provides you with a Microsoft Azure style experience but with the security, controls, performance and hands-on support your business needs.

Self-Service Interface

Enable self-service provisioning of IaaS or PaaS through an easy-to-use interface that mimics the looks and functionality of Microsoft Azure. Make it easy to provision IaaS or PasS in an environment that you can trust.


Every business is different and your cloud needs to meet your unique needs. From the network to your guest OS images, your private cloud is completely customizable to meet your requirements.


From your own database-as-a-service capability to push-button installs of popular web applications to a certified and secure pre-built stacks for Ruby-on-Rails, PHP, Node.js, and more, you get capabilities that go far beyond simply infrastructure.

Compliant Data Center

We take our data centers seriously. All of our facilities are SAE-16/SOC 1, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and NIST certified with 2(N+1) redundancy, 24x7 manned security with visitor pre-screening, 7+ diverse carriers with MPLS available.

Enterprise Flash Storage

Your private cloud leverages our enterprise flash-optimized storage center which provides caching on top of SSD to deliver blazing storage performance. We always give you optimized performance and data placement with intelligent tiering.

Cost Effective

We allow you to avoid dealing with complicated and expensive software licensing schemes, long term commitments, and complexity that can get expensive. Our solutions are smart and simple which is the best way to stay cost effective.

Microsoft Azure StackProvide a self-service portal for administrators and tenants.

The Microsoft Azure Stack brings the Azure cloud into our secure cloud envrionment to provide a self-service portal for managing services such as websites, Virtual Machines, and databases. Now administrators can manage thier resources in a custom, secure environment while using powerful Azure tools.

  • Websites

    Create website hosting services consistent with Microsoft Azure Websites that are simple to deploy and administer.

  • Virtual Machines

    Create Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings consistent with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines for Windows Server and Linux VMs.

  • Service Bus

    Consistent with Microsoft Azure Service Bus, this service helps provide reliable messaging services between distributed applications.

  • Virtual Network

    Provision private networks, optionally connecting your Microsoft Private Cloud to the Azure public cloud.

  • Database

    Create Database-as-a-Service offerings for SQL and MySQL database instances that can be used in conjunction with the Azure Websites service.

Azure Pack
Microsoft Azure Stack brings the proven innovation of Azure's software-defined infrastructure into your secure private cloud.